• If you bring a guest, there is a $5 guest fee. There is no guest fee for out of town guests. Out of town is defined as more than 50 miles from BR.
  • Each guest, individually, is limited to 5 visits per swim season under your membership. (For example: you cannot have the same guest as your guest for 5 times, then as another family member’s guest 5 times). If someone would like to visit more than 5 times, they would have to sign up for their own membership.
  • Guests must be accompanied by a member of your family that is on your membership.
  • A member may have up to 10 guests per visit. If you want to bring more guests, then please refer to the Pool Party Information tab.
  • If a babysitter/grandparent brings your kids for you, they do not have to pay a guest fee. Please let know if you have a full time sitter or grandparent that will be bringing the kids.
  • If your child brings a friend and their parent comes also, the parent has to pay a guest fee only if they intend on swimming.