Pool Rules/Guest Fees

Pool Guest Information

Make Our Days at Tara Safe and Enjoyable!

Please be sure that your children know and understand these rules.

Tara Swim and Racquet Club – Pool Rules

  1. The pool manager and lifeguards must be obeyed at all times.    The discipline policy is as follows:

1st whistle – warning

2nd whistle – out of the pool for 10 minutes

3rd whistle – out of the pool for the day

  1. Members must sign in upon entry and pay guest fees if applicable.
  2. Guests are welcomed up to 5 times per summer for a nominal $5.00 guest charge. Out of town guests, (more than a 50 mile radius, with proper I.D.) are welcomed free of charge.
  3. Children under 10 years of age must be accompanied by an adult or responsible party.
  4. Absolutely no glass or other breakables  are allowed in the pool area.
  5. No socializing with active duty lifeguards.
  6. No diving in the shallow end.
  7. Only one person on the diving board at a time. Dive straight off the end only. Make certain no one is under the board. After diving, swim away to the side. Do not stay under the board.
  8. No running, rough play, shoving, excessive splashing, or breath-holding games will be tolerated.
  9. No profanity or abusive language is allowed.
  10. Do not sit, hang, or pull on the lane ropes.
  11. Anyone with serious infections such as pink eye, the flu, or an open wound is not allowed in the pool.
  12. Return equipment / trash to the designated areas.
  13. The pool will close for a minimum of 30 minutes for thunder and 30 minutes for lightning. The pool will also close when heavy rain prevents visibility. This will be at the discretion of the lifeguards on duty.
  14. Eating is not allowed in the pool.
  15. Tennis courts are to be used for playing tennis only. Please refrain from playing other games on tennis courts. No eating, drinking or chewing gum on the tennis courts. Tennis shoes only when playing tennis.
  16. Any person found willfully destroying Tara Club equipment or property will be held fully liable.

Club Policies ◊ Club Policies ◊ Club Policies

  • Tara’s goal is to offer a safe, fun, family oriented, welcoming atmosphere to all who enter the Club gates. Remember to welcome those who are new to our Club.
  • Foul language of any kind is inappropriate at Tara Club. Members using foul language will be asked to leave the premises.
  • Tennis Court Use—Tennis courts located on the side of the club house will stay locked and are for use by adults only.  Courts closest to Tara Blvd. will remain open and available for use by children. Parents, please ensure that children understand that courts are for tennis use only. Other activities are not permitted. Children found abusing the courts will be refused the right to use the courts at all.
  • Please note that siblings are not allowed to swim during morning swim team practices. There is no lifeguard on duty.
  • NO GLASS ALLOWED. Remember, glass containers of any kind are prohibited in the pool area! Please be considerate and leave glass containers at home.
  • Current Tara Club Families who recruit a new family will receive a $25.00 dues incentive. Hurry and invite your friends to join today!
  • Pool and court areas are designated as Non Smoking Area.
  • Many members frequent the pool to relax. If you are playing music and are asked to change a channel or turn it off, please be respectful of others.
  • Please report any lifeguarding concerns to the pool manager.

**Your volunteer board members work hard to make Tara a fun safe place to be. If you have a concern that needs to be brought to the board’s attention, we ask that you please contact us at tara@taraclub.org instead of trying to address issues while board members are enjoying “downtime” at the pool.  Through this system of communication the board can appropriately address any issues or concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

If my babysitter brings my kids for me, does the babysitter pay a guest fee?  No.

How many times can someone be a guest?  Each guest, individually, is limited to 5 visits per swim season under your membership. (For example: you cannot have the same guest as your guest for 5 times, then as another family member’s guest 5 times). If someone would like to visit more than 5 times, they would have to sign up for their own membership.

Do out of state guests that are staying with me have to pay guest fees?  No.

If my child brings a friend and their parent comes also, does the parent have to pay? Yes, if the parent swims.